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Date: Jan. 17th '07
SHA at Jamestown

  SHA Annual Conference in Williamsburg/Jamestown

2007 marks the 400 anniversary of the establishment of the first permanent English settlement in North America at Jamestown, Virginia. The colony was established on May 13, 1607 and celebrations will be ongoing throughout the coming year in the United States. The first event in the year-long celebrations was the Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) annual conference which was held in Williamsburg, located a few miles east of Jamestown, from January 10 to January 14.

William Gilbert attended the conference and presented a paper on the discoveries made at Cupids, Canada’s oldest English settlement, over the past twelve years. He also toured the site and exhibits in Jamestown. Click here to find out more about archaeology in Jamestown. To find out more about the Society for Historical Archaeology click here.

Date: Oct. 13th '06
"Divers Places" Now Online
William Gilbert's 1990 paper, "'Divers Places': The Beothuk Indians and John Guy's Voyage into Trinity Bay in 1612", is now available online in portable document format (PDF)from Newfoundland and Labrador Studies. The paper retraces the route followed by Guy's party around Trinity Bay in October and November 1612 and combines documentary and archaeological evidence to locate the eight Beothuk camps recorded by John Guy and Henry Crout during the voyage. You can go directly to "Divers Places" by clicking here.

Date: Sep. 15th '06
Crout’s Way in the Newfoundland Quarterly
  William Gilbert’s paper on Crout’s Way, “Crout’s Way: Retracing the Trail Cut by Settlers at Cupers Cove from Conception Bay to Trinity Bay in 1612", has been published in this summer's issue of The Newfoundland Quarterly (Vol 99:1). The paper describes the journey undertaken to retrace the trail in 1997 and contrasts it with the original journey undertaken by Henry Crout in 1612. The Newfoundland Quarterly can be purchased in bookstores or you can subscribed either by phone at 709-737-2426 or at

Date: Sep. 15th '06
Cupids one of Top Ten Archaeological Sites
  The Beaver, Canada’s History Magazine, has chosen the Cupid archaeological site as one of “the top ten active archaeology sites in Canada”. An article featuring the site has been published in the June/July, 2006 issue of the magazine. Click here to learn more about The Beaver.