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Henry Crout's Journal

Entries to Date

May 13, 1613

In the morning the wind at north east. Little wind which continued until noon. In the afternoon the wind at...[Text ends in mid-entry]

This is the last entry in Henry Crout's journal. Crout, Thomas Willoughby, Bartholomew Pearson and a number of other colonists sailed back to England in the summer of 1613. About a week before he left, Crout wrote a letter to Sir Percival Willoughby in which he describes a trip he made into Trinity Bay in July of that year in an attempt to contact the Beothuk. You can read a transcription of that letter by clicking HERE. 

Henry Crout and Thomas Willoughby were back in Newfoundland in 1616 and spent the winter of 1616/1617 at Cupids. On August 4, 1616 Thomas wrote a letter from Cupids to his father at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham. Click HERE to read a transcription of Thomas's letter.

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