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Henry Crout's Journal

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“Occurrents in Newfoundland”
Newfound land wher the Colonie is kept 1612.

[Henry Crout’s Journal Kept at Cupers Cove, Newfoundland from September 1, 1612 to May 13, 1613]

September first the winde at weste al the daie verie faire the sune shininge all the daie untill night. This morning 8 of us went forward for Trinitie Bay markinge the way. We founde verie faire birch trees passing thorowe the woodes and 4 places of open grounde and passed 3 Fresh watter lakes with divers beavers nestes in them. Thus we went some Six milles the first daie. This night we had the winde at southeast with raine until daie.

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