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“The Iournal of our voyage in the Indeavour begunne the 7 of October 1612".
John Guy’s Journal of a Voyage to Trinity Bay

“..tomorrow, God willing, Master Guy doth put all his Carpenters to worke vpon the [Indeavour] which wilbe ready 15 days hence and, God willing, we shall to the northwards ...[to] Trinitie Bay to have practice with the savages which, if we can bring [it] to pass, I doubt not but we shall do great good by them”.  Henry Crout to Sir Percival Willoughby, August 27, 1612.

During the winter of 1610-1611, colonists at Cupids built, “a Boate about 12 tons big with a decke ... to sail and row about the headlands”. The Indeavour, as she was called, is the first known, decked, ocean-going vessel built in Canada. She was probably put to good use exploring Conception Bay and transporting colonists and supplies from Cupids to a second colony established at Renews early in 1612. However, the Indeavour is best know for carrying John Guy, Henry Crout and other settlers from Cupids on a voyage into Trinity Bay in the fall of 1612.

The Indeavour sailed out of Cupids Cove on October 7, 1612 and John Guy kept a journal of the voyage, now housed at the Lambeth Palace Library in London, which runs from October 7 to November 25, 1612. October 7, 2012 marked the 400 anniversary of the start of the voyage and the beginning of John Guy’s journal. To mark that anniversary, we posted Guy's first entry on that date in 2012 and all the subsequent entries on the 400 anniversary of the day they were written.You can read all the entries from Guy's journal by clicking on the "Entries to Date" icon to the right below.